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New Premium Spa in Central Florida Offers Luxury 24K Gold Elite European Facial Treatments

Discover the authentic anti-aging power of gold & the ultimate in body care treatments at EuroFloridian Spa


  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPRLog (Press Release): June 8, 2016–Winter Park, FL—The best kept secret in the beauty industry is that the gold standard of facials literally involves 24 karat gold. For centuries, gold has been used in skincare and medicine due to its anti-aging, anti-acne, and anti-inflammatory properties. Gold boosts collagen production restoring youth and vitality to skin. Experience rejuvenation with the best facial of the century–EuroFloridian Spa’s signature masterpiece–the 24K Gold Elite European Treatment. And you don’t have to be a celebrity or uber-wealthy to indulge.The 24K Gold Elite European Treatment is tailor-made for different skin types. Benefits include enhancement of skin elasticity, acceleration of cell renewal, reversal of oxidation damage, improvement of blood circulation, and removal of toxins and wastes. The treatment results in a natural face lift due to the high mineral content of gold which produces regeneration and firming of skin cells. The 24K Gold Elite European Treatment produces healthy and beautiful glowing skin.

    EuroFloridian Spa is located in the beautiful and historic Orlando suburb of Winter Park—often referred to as “Little Europe” and known for its charming neighborhoods and landmark buildings. EuroFloridian Spa offers an upscale setting with a relaxed, yet intimate atmosphere.

    Highly trained therapists will revive your senses while relieving stress and pain.  A wide range of luxury treatments include custom facials, body massage with aromatherapy, and waxing. High-end spa products coupled with specialized European techniques ensure a highly personalized and individual experience. EuroFloridian Spa takes pride in providing therapies that build confidence and inner beauty.

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